Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Too Long!

Sorry for the long delay between posts!! I've been a little busy with that thing people call a "JOB". So, what's been going on? Well, besides Baby Daly trying to poke through my wifes stomach like a scene out of the movie "Alien", everything has been great.

Rochelle and Baby Daly are doing great and we go for our next sonogram on Wednesday of next week. The last sonogram showed Baby Daly and how big he is getting, although we didn't see much because we didn't want to accidently see something that would ruin the "BIG SUPRISE". We knew he was big when our technician said "WOW, That baby has some meat on his bones!

Now I know what you all are thinking.......it obviously takes after Daddy, but I think it's fair to point out that I was only a little over 7 lbs when my beautiful wife weighed in at womping 9lbs 12 oz.

Other than that we are getting prepared for the arrival of Baby Daly by finishing up the Nursery, which you will see pictures of below. Rochelle did a great job decorating it and getting it all ready. Beau came over one night and was a huge help in putting up that tree behind the crib. (YES, HE PAINTED IT BY HAND! AMAZING RIGHT?)

We are headed to San Francisco this weekend because our great family friends the Kavanaugh's are throwing Rochelle and I a couples shower at their house. They are truly a great family that I consider to be an extension of my real family and I'm sure that Baby Daly will be laughing hard inside Mommy's tummy on Saturday night. Pictures to follow.....