Saturday, August 28, 2010

The New Daly Mobile!

Today was truly a great day as Rochelle and I went car shopping for the first time together and although we didn't plan on buying anything.........(this is when you look down and say to yourself; "Wow, That's a great looking Car").

So after driving around all day in this beautiful 2011 Chevy Traverse, we were convinced that we had found the car we wanted. Everyone at Giant Automotive was excellent and professional, but they had not been properly trained for the "Sean Show" aka "The Negotiator"! After about an hour going back and forth and hearing from them that "This is the lowest we can go", I convinced them not only to give us the price we wanted but also to give me money for the lovely Jetta! What they don't realize is that I was willing to pay them to take the Jetta from me so I wouldn't have to look at that car anymore. And if you have never seen the Jetta, trust me when I say that you would have a better chance of selling home insurance to a homeless man than you would of selling the Jetta for actual currency.

At this point in the negotition I had realized that these people had no chance of salvaging a profit margin and that they were getting worried that I might walk out of there with a straight up trade (2000 Jetta for 2011 Corvette), so I made them upgrade our car to leather seats too! Needless to say, I'm pretty proud of myself (if you haven't gathered that yet......YOU SHOULD BE A CAR SALESMAN!) and the deal we received but in all seriousness, I'm most happy about having a car for Rochelle and Baby Daly that they will feel safe and secure in!

PS- "The Daly Mobile" was what our old Ford Aerostar Van was called, so that's an inside joke between my sister and Mom, and UNCLE JIM!

PSS- I'm sorry but my excitement in this blog sometimes manifests into the form of using way too many "Quotation Marks" and !!Exclamation Points!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Baby Bump Growing!

This picture was taken today outside the "GREATEST MOVIE THEATRE IN AMERICA" aka - The Sequoia Mall 12! As you can see Baby Daly's head is starting to show; can't wait to see if it looks like a "Blowpop" when it comes out.

Baby Daly, his parents and his Nana Mills (aka Birdie) went to see the movie "Switch" with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. It was an overall good day because it ended with a great dinner with Taylor and the Stocktons at Tokyo Gardens. I 0nly say "good day" because it got off to a bad start with a little crash on my bike in Exeter (DON'T MAKE FUN, EVEN LANCE ARMSTRONG CRASHED THERE!).

Also you can see 2 shirts that Mom brought home from Houston for Rochelle and Baby Daly (So CUTE! - - wow, that sounded gay, but I'm sorry they are Cute)!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Rochelle 3 Months Along

Here's a pic taken yesterday showing Rochelle's tiny little "baby bump". She is 12 1/2 weeks pregnant now so I'm sure that bump is going to really start showing soon. Obviously pregnancy agrees with my wife as she looks absolutely gorgeous!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Not My Proudest Post!

I am posting this new Blog Post in protest and by no means do I condone the actions of my wife and sister. We went into San Luis Obispo for their World Famous Farmer's Market, and along the way we spotted Casey from the "Bachelerotte". If you didn't watch the show let me give a little background on our dear "Casey". HE'S A FREAK! He was the one that got a tattoo on his forearm for Ally. He also is the one that talks like he is "deaf" and partially "not all there". The girls made it a point to flag him down and get this picture with him. If you notice you will see him sporting the infamous tattoo.

Our Favorite Dogs at the Coast!

Rochelle and I met these 2 Somoyeds about 3 years ago when they were just PUPS. We make it a point to go and see them whenever we are here and see them on the beach. They are crazy cute and full of love, makes us miss our babies back home!

The Daly's at the Coast!

We are over in Cayucos for the week hanging out with the Daly Klan. My Uncle Peter and Aunt Mary are here visting from Ireland, so it's been a lot of fun having "Baby Daly" spending some time everyone. The whole family is here; Dad, Mom, Ann, Garrett, Uncle Peter, Aunt Mary, Cousin Hilary and Phillip, and their sons Brendan and Danny.