Monday, June 20, 2011

Telling Daddy Happy Father's Day!

I had to post this video because I was trying to tell my Daddy Happy Father's Day!  You'll notice me cracking up when my Dad makes a "Nothern Ireland" reference......LOL!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Trip To The Coast...

Abbey and Jake got married this weekend at the Dophin Bay Resort in Shell Beach.  It was a beautiful setting and a beautiful wedding! I loved the beach, but can't wait until I am a little bigger when Mommy and Daddy let me play in the sand! Here are a few pictures from our fun weekend!

Just hanging out with Kensie. I am 4.5 months and she is 8 months!

Cousin Time! Aub is one of my favorites!

Mom says she doesn't want to forget how cute this little face is since I am changing so much!

Getting ready for a walk!

Kens I've missed you...

I miss you too Jack!

Mom forgot my shades.

They snuck in a walk while I was napping.

Mom and I bargained...she wanted me to wear a tie and I wanted jeans!

Kensie hung out with Nana in the back during the ceremony. 

Auntie T, Aunt Alicia and Mom...beautiful ladies!

Daddy and Aunt Alicia!

Friday, June 10, 2011

This Is How I Roll...

So, I have rolled over once in my crib...not too exciting.  Well this time I rolled over during tummy time and Mom went CRAZY! I Didn't know that would impress her so, I did it again and again and again! Mom was cheering and taking pictures the whole time!

Concentrating on my position...

Tucking my arm and eyeing my finish...

Flip and HOLD ON!

Confused as to why Mom is screaming!!!

Tummy Time Faces

I have never been a huge fan of Tummy Time, but lately it hasn't been so bad! Mom was laughing at me, but what kind of faces would she be making if was lying on her tummy trying to hold her head up?  It's not as easy as it looks! Not to mention my brother and sister (Shamus and Haley) needing my attention as well!

"Mom, I think I'm ready for a harder task!"

"I told you that was enough pictures!"

"I'm always happy at the start of tummy time!"

Haley felt bad for me so she did tummy time with me!

Finally got to chill with my monkey!

Monday, June 6, 2011

My Cousin Kensie!

Mom and I went over to the Vannette's tonight and I got to see my Cousin Kensie! I love our play times, but I really want to be able to move like she does! She is so smart and so strong!

Mom and Auntie Alicia were so happy to see us together!

I was trying to hold her hand!

Do we look like cousins?

Kensie would lay down then roll over and crawl away...I can't wait till I can do that!

Ok Kensie, you just day I will be able to fight back!

I must say...she is pretty cute!

4 Month Doctor Appointment!

I don't mind going to see Dr. Galindo, but I hate getting shots! It hurts so bad and makes me sad.  Luckily it doesn't last too long! The Doctor said I am a healthy and growing boy! Mom was so glad everything looked great!  I am 17 lbs. 1 oz. and 26.5 inches long!  That puts me in the 90th percentile for weight and 95th for height!

San Diego, baseball and PAPA!

I went on my first road trip! Mom, Auntie "T", Aub and I went to San Diego to see Papa and Nana, the Astros played the Padres! I hadn't seen Papa since I was nine days old!! He thought I was so big and had changed so much! My Grandma and Grandpa Daly, Auntie Ann and Uncle "G" also came down for the last two days of the trip! We celebrated my Grandma Daly's birthday, it was fun to see everyone!
One of the highlights of the trip was getting to spend time with my Aunt Karey! I wish she didn't live so far away!

My first Pedi-cab ride!

This is Aubrey's favorite! She was so excited to take me on my first ride!

Padres Stadium with Mom!

Enjoying some yummy dinner during the game!

Papa came and got me right after the game and held me in the dugout! It was SO good to see him!

Kiss from Papa

Even though it was passed my bedtime it was fun to wait for Papa after the game
and walk back to the hotel with him!

Nana kept me nice and warm while we waited for Papa

Love my Nana!

Saying goodbye to Papa!

Me and Auntie Karey. She got me the best toys!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

4 Months Old!

Today, June 1st, I am 4 months old!  Still growing and doing so many new things every day! 

HAAAAAPY Birthday too me!

Chilln' in my rocker!

Mornings are my favorite! Mom and I eat breakfast and then play and talk until my morning nap!

Just in case you forgot my name...