Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chicken Bones

Nana Birdie knows how to clean a chicken bone! She was teaching me how she does it! Boy did they taste good and feel good with all my new teeth coming in!

One for each hand! Mmmm...they were tastey!


Go Astros! Thought I'd get into the Christmas spirit by sporting this cool Astros hat!

Kensie and I found Nana and Papa's tree! It is so beautiful!

Nana left some special stockings and ornaments on the ground for us to play with!
I'm so excited for my first Christmas!

My First Ear Infection

Mom and Dad noticed that I wasn't quite myself, so we went to quick care and sure enough, I  had a double ear infection.  Thankfully, Dad made the time go be fast with our fun wheelchair races in the hallway! He is the best!

I was in a lot of pain and it hurt to lay my head down in my crib with the pressure in my ears. Mom and Dad felt bad so they let me fall asleep on Mom and then let me sleep in their bed! I had never slept in their bed before, it was so fun!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My First Halloween!

Since I had two costumes, mom let me wear one to daycare! ROARRRRRRRR!!!!!

Halloween night we stopped by the Boone's annual Halloween Party to say hi!

So great to finally meet Dick!

Cathy took me out to show me the bubble machine.  As soon as I'd touch the bubbles they'd turn in to fog.  I got the giggles, it was so much fun!

Happy Halloween!

We ended the night and Nana and Papa's house.  Kensie had her jammies on, but put back on her costume for a picture! She made a pretty cute piggy!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

Today, October 15th, Mom, Dad, Uncle Beau-Beau, Auntie A, Kens and I went to the Pumpkin Patch.  We weren't quite old enough to enjoy the maze, hay ride, and train but we had fun and got some festive photos.  Next year we'll tear that place up!

On our way! Just before a minor meltdown, but things got better once we arrived!

This one is almost as big as me!

Fun Family!

This is more my size!

Kensie liked mine too!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

7 Month Facts

  • Crawling everywhere!
  • Eating real human food
  • Pulling up to stand and hold on to things
  • Still "hoots" at everything :)
  • Both bottom teeth are in
  • Feet are so big they don't fit in any normal shoes
  • Belly laughs all the time
  • Prefers Mom and Dad to anyone else...especially mom :)
  • Loves to read books with Mom
  • Refuses a sippy-cup...drinks water out of the sippy-cup with the lid off

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Scrambled Eggs

Now that I am 8 months, Mommy had made me some yummy food to try!  Most recently, I had scrambled eggs for breakfast! Haley and Shamus liked it too!

If you look close you can see my two bottom teeth!


Shamus and Haley sat so patiently, so I snuck them some bites of eggs when Mom wasn't looking!

Climbing on Mommy

I love to be outside! Mommy and I try to hangout outside as much as possible when she gets off work and on the weekends.  My favorite is when she lays out the big blanket an lets me crawl and climb on her.  Haley and Shamus are usually running is so fun to watch!

I love my Mommy!

Trying to stand up...

I did it! This is my excited face!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trip to San Francisco to see the Astros!

Nana and Papa were in San Francisco to play the Giants, so we went up to visit!

We took a shopping break for Nana to show me all the pigeons!

All bundled up for the game!

Auntie-T turned my hat into a rally-cap and it worked! WE WON!!

Me with Daddy and Mommy at AT&T Park

I finally got to meet Alicia and Taylor! So fun!

6 Month Happenings...

I am 7 months tomorrow, so I thought I'd share some fun pictures from month 6!

My new big boy bath seat!

The boys watching the Astros game

My new teething device

Playing with my alligator after my nap, waiting for mom to come get me!
Mom said it's time to lower my mattress!

My new look!

Big Boy Jammies!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Getting BIG!

Mom and Dad FINALLY got my big boy stuff put together!  I love my highchair and my new carseat!

Excited to eat my avacado and squash!

I love having my own seat!

A little practice run in the kitchen!

I think it's good to go mom!

As soon as I wake up I reach and get my aligator to play with :) SO BIG!