Sunday, July 31, 2011


Well, I'm almost 6 months old and have some established nicknames...
  • Jack-Jack: Mom and Dad
  • Jacky-bear: Mom
  • Buddy-bear: Dad
  • Jackattack: Mom and Dad
  • Lover-boy: Mom
  • Starvin-Marvin: Mom's name for me right before feeding
  • Traveling Jack: Nana Chop-Chop and Pop-Pop
  • Jackson: Papa Brad
  • Cracker Jack: Aubrey

Walking with Pop-Pop!

My Pop-Pop is determined to teach me how to walk before I crawl.  Mom and Nana Chop-Chop try to tell him that crawling comes first, but mom told him once I walk he can take me for ice-cream, so he is on a mission!

Here we go!

...almost done

I'm walking mom!

Cooking With Mommy!

Usually I help mommy make dinner by entertaining her in my excersaucer, but this night was a bit different.  I was TIRED! It was 6pm and mom did not want to put me to bed yet and I was not a happy camper sitting by myself! She found the perfect solution! I might secretly pretend to get upset from now on because this was a lot of fun!

Mommy's teaching me how to cut cherry tomatoes...serious concentration!

The view from here is much better!

Helping mom rinse the squash!

Jerry The Giraffe

I am five and a half months old here and getting so big! I am loving all of my Jerry's.  Daddy has officially named all of my Giraffe's is one of my favorites! my Jerry!

Takes me a minute to get him into my mouth!

Telling mommy how much I love him!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Le Tour de France!

This time last year the Vannette's were in France for the Tour and brought Mom and Dad back this awesome onesie! Little did they know I would be the one wearing it! I have been sporting it this month and thought it was time to share pictures of dad and I in our gear.

Thanks Vannettes!

Me and Daddy!
Mommy's shadow was much more interesting than the camera :)

Go Schleck's!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Haley Snuggles

I love both Shamus and Haley, but Haley is my snuggle buddy!

Hanging out watching the Astros game!

She is SO soft!!


Mommy said now that I have successfully been eating rice for a week, it is time to branch out.  Mom is making my baby food from scratch. I helped her make these yummy yams!

Headed to the freezer so I have food for weeks!


BIG BOY Bath Time!

Mommy took out the infant bath sling that I would lay in.  Now that I'm big and can sit up on my own, I get to take big boy baths!  I love to splash the water and play with my toys!!

Playing with my toys!

Mommy and Daddy can't get enough of these BIG BLUE EYES!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yum Yum Rice!

Mom's been wanting to try rice cereal for a few weeks.  She finally made it to target to get the supplies.  I wasn't sure what was going on as Dad was getting the flip cam and the camera ready and mom was dumping my milk into a bowl!?!?  Feed me already...

Not sure what I thought after the first bite...

I like it! GIVE ME MORE!  Trying to help mom feed me...

Mom said I did great!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Mom and Vanessa decided that it had been too long since Graysen and I took pictures together.  We are now 5 months old and growing so fast!  Our last shoot was 3 months and we are so much bigger! Vanessa came up with the J&G idea and mom was ALL ABOUT IT!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Houston Texas with the Astros!

We had such a fun trip to Houston to see Nana and Papa! The entire Daly clan went; it was fun to have everyone together! Although my normal routine was thrown off a bit mom and dad were thrilled with how I did...phew!

Hanging out with papa after the game...I love him!  He told me the best stories!

Had my snuggle time with dad. Everyday we lay down together and daddy talks to me and sings the Notre Dame fight song to's my favorite! I love to feel his prickly face as he talks to me!

Go Astros! Ready for the first game! Nana got me lots of cute Astoros gear!

Best way to watch a baseball game...hands down!

Ready for the game! We celebrated 4th of July early with the Astros!  I didn't stay awake for the firework show, but it was a fun day!

Trying to grab my new shoes!

Mommy and I are leaving for the game!

Last game at Minute Made Stadium! Can't wait for my next trip back!
I miss Nana and Papa!

First Trip to San Francisco!

My Auntie Ann and Uncle G live in San Francisco so we decided it was about time I see the city! Daddy wouldn't let me go cycling with he and Uncle G so I went shopping with mommy. We ate yummy food and hung out all weekend!

Slept most of the drive!

Sleeping in my carseat after a yummy brunch down by the beach!

Love my Antie Ann and Uncle G!

4 Month Highlights

Now that I'm 5 months old, I'd thought I'd fill you in on some 4 month facts:

  • Rolls over both ways all the time without effort (but prefers back to tummy)
  • laughing all the time, BIG belly laughs!
  • flew to Texas with the Daly family to visit Nana and Papa Mills
  • I also went to San Diego, San Francisco and San Luis Obispo all in my 4th month!
  • Still sleeping like a champ!
  • loves listening to people talk and tell stories.
  • Drooling like crazy!
  • Loves to pull things off the table, counters...anything I can get my hands on!
  • Definitely uses the "loud voice" at times :)
  • Has discovered his feet.  Although not too flexible, I try to eat them!