Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chicken Bones

Nana Birdie knows how to clean a chicken bone! She was teaching me how she does it! Boy did they taste good and feel good with all my new teeth coming in!

One for each hand! Mmmm...they were tastey!


Go Astros! Thought I'd get into the Christmas spirit by sporting this cool Astros hat!

Kensie and I found Nana and Papa's tree! It is so beautiful!

Nana left some special stockings and ornaments on the ground for us to play with!
I'm so excited for my first Christmas!

My First Ear Infection

Mom and Dad noticed that I wasn't quite myself, so we went to quick care and sure enough, I  had a double ear infection.  Thankfully, Dad made the time go be fast with our fun wheelchair races in the hallway! He is the best!

I was in a lot of pain and it hurt to lay my head down in my crib with the pressure in my ears. Mom and Dad felt bad so they let me fall asleep on Mom and then let me sleep in their bed! I had never slept in their bed before, it was so fun!