Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trip to San Francisco to see the Astros!

Nana and Papa were in San Francisco to play the Giants, so we went up to visit!

We took a shopping break for Nana to show me all the pigeons!

All bundled up for the game!

Auntie-T turned my hat into a rally-cap and it worked! WE WON!!

Me with Daddy and Mommy at AT&T Park

I finally got to meet Alicia and Taylor! So fun!

6 Month Happenings...

I am 7 months tomorrow, so I thought I'd share some fun pictures from month 6!

My new big boy bath seat!

The boys watching the Astros game

My new teething device

Playing with my alligator after my nap, waiting for mom to come get me!
Mom said it's time to lower my mattress!

My new look!

Big Boy Jammies!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Getting BIG!

Mom and Dad FINALLY got my big boy stuff put together!  I love my highchair and my new carseat!

Excited to eat my avacado and squash!

I love having my own seat!

A little practice run in the kitchen!

I think it's good to go mom!

As soon as I wake up I reach and get my aligator to play with :) SO BIG!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nana Birdie Came to Visit!

Reunited and it feels so good!  Nana came to visit us for four days.  It was so fun to see her and hang out with her all week! Highlights were her tickles, snuggles, her bracelet and all the time I got to spend with her! Ok papa...I guess I have to let her get back to you! :(

Nana found this bear-doll at her house.  It was a very sweet little baby!

Nana is still trying to figure out who I look like!

Nana's bracelet.  Every time I held it my thumb went in my mouth...I couldn't help it, but Nana and mom were laughing so hard at me!

Nana let me fish around in her purse...loved the altoids!

She got me this new, cool toy that sings, talks, lights up and makes the best noises!

Miss you Nana! Come back soon!

6 Month Doctor Appointment

Not a fan of this post.  Why? Because this appointment was horrible! First, the nurse came it...not bad, didn't mind her.  Then, Dr. Galindo walks in and warns my mom that 6 month olds usually know he's a stranger and are not huge fans.  This was the case for me.  He started making funny faces trying to get me to laugh...didn't work.  I cried hysterically.  Mom tried to tell me he's really nice and that she liked him a lot, but I was not buying it.  He finally left and when I thought I was in the clear the nurse came back in and gave me 3 shots.  More hysterical crying...not afraid to admit it, it HURT! Thankfully mom had a bottle ready. Thank goodness.  The only good thing that came from this was learning that I am still growing big and strong.  28.5 inches and 20.3 lbs, both off the charts/above 97 percentile for age.  On to month 7 and NO doctor appointments, thank goodness!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm SIX months old!

It doesn't take a special occasion for mommy to take photos of me but today happened to be one...I'm 6 months old! Apparently my Mommy is preparing me for a future career as a ChippenDale's Dancer!
So much more fun to take pictures now that I can sit up on my own.  I had a wonderful half birthday, thanks mom and dad!

Five Month Facts:

  • Great sense of humor, laughs at everything!
  • started eating solids
  • LOVES to eat!
  • reaches for everything/anything in sight
  • grabs daddy's hand for "high five"
  • super ticklish
  • calms down on command when Notre Dame fight song is sung
  • if he wants attention he lets out a crying necessary
  • went to Texas!
  • stands up great when being held...super strong legs
  • Sits up!
  • sleeps on tummy, back or side...just depends on the mood!
  • repeats sounds daddy makes