Monday, April 11, 2011

More Pictures and Update!

 I've been very busy........PUTTING ON WEIGHT!  I had my 2 month checkup last week and I weighed in at 15lbs!
I'm in the 95 percentile for height and the 99 percentile for weight.  My Daddy keeps hoping that I haven't already had my growth spur and that I continue to keep growing.

Here are some pictures from the doctors and some other randoms.....ENJOY!

I met my Uncle Tyler for the 1st time!

Nana Ronda's present!

Daddy's Proud!

Whazzzz Up!

Ok, you caught me....I was trying to push something out!

Play time with Haley

Oh Yeah!

These are my Zoolander looks

At the Doctors....15 Big Ones!

Grandpa's Birthday at Tokyo Gardens


Just a little Cub trying to get some attention!