Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Today was Memorial Day, mom and dad had the day off! We spent all day together, watched the Astros beat the Cubs and took pictures! Mom says my face is changing more and more!

Hopefully I'll be sitting on my own soon!

This is all I really want to do...put everything in my mouth!

except my toes...not as talented as my cousin Kensie yet!

I've rolled over, but I don't like it! I like to hang out on my side!

This is my talking face!

Mommy loves my BIG BLUE EYES!

With Daddy, my favorite hang out buddy!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Facts All About ME!!

I'm almost 4 months old and quite a bit has happened! I keep changing, growing and doing new things...thought they should be documented so we don't forget!

  • Date of Birth: February 1, 2011
  • Birth Weight/Height: 7lbs 11oz  20.2"
  • I loved to eat, but had a hard time latching on to Mom so I got her milk through a bottle.  Now I can latch, but pretty much drink from a bottle still because we have quite the perfect routine down.
  • I had jaundice for the first three weeks of life. It got worse during the first week and then started clearing up!
  • One Month Check-Up: 9lbs 8oz 22"
  • Started sleeping through the night around 4 week old! I have slept 12-13 hours a night since. I have always been a good napper sleeping 2-3 hours mid-morning 2-3 in the afternoon and 1 hour late afternoon before bedtime.
  • Started smiling around 1 month!
  • I was in a bassinet by my parents bed until 7 weeks.  Mom had a hard time letting me go, but I LOVE my crib!
  • Mom swaddled me tight for bedtime, but soon realized I loved to have my arms free, so at 5 weeks I was swaddled from my armpits down.  At 9 weeks we ditched swaddling all together! It started getting hot and I'm a good sleeper with or without so there was no need!
  • At 1 and a half months I cooed all the time and started exercise routines with my Dad! Yes, I know, crazy but super fun! We practice putting my body weight on my legs by standing, we move my arm in a throwing motion,we turn our head from side to side and practice balancing by sitting. 
  • Two Month Check-Up: 15lbs 26"
  • Started going to daycare at 12 weeks! All though mom cried the first two days I told her how much I love Tammy, so it made it a little better!  She is great!!
  • At three months I started using my Bumbo Seat and my exersaucer because I was strong enough to sit up all by myself!  I also started sucking my thumb at three months!
  • At three and a half months I now sleep on my side.  Mom lays me flat, but I roll over...I love laying on my side! I can follow Mom and Dad, Haley and Shamus all around the room with my head. 
  • Also at three and a half months, Mom says I'm starting to teeth!  I am drooling like a crazy kid, blowing bubbles and showing off my tongue! Tammy noticed it too! They can both feel a little bulge on my bottom gum...we'll see when that comes in!
  • My favorite thing at three and a half months is talking with Mom and Dad! Dad got me to talk on command and they think I'm brilliant! First thing in the morning we all hang out in their bed and just talk and laugh! I have pretty cool parents!
  • I am also proud to say that I am not a cryer! I get a little restless if I'm sleepy or hungry, but I'm super content otherwise! I am a trooper while running errands with Mom or sitting watching sports with Dad! Cycling is my favorite sport to watch thus far!

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Weekend With Auntie Ann and Uncle G!

It had been a while since I had seen my Auntie Ann and Uncle G, I was so glad they came to visit! I'm a lucky kid! Mom took me shopping on Saturday while Dad and Garrett went on a long bike ride, we had a fun BBQ and then a nice Sunday breakfast and low key morning together!

Reading US weekly...just catching up on some gossip with Auntie Ann!!

My Uncle G and Auntie Ann!

"I Love My Auntie" T-shirt...thanks Auntie!!

I Should Get Paid For This!

My mom and dad are always asking me to model, sit-up, smile, look here...seriously, I could be making some good money!

Yeah, I'm a super happy kid!!! Love my bumbo seat!

One of my new favorite hobbies...blowing bubbles!

My first day wearing overalls!

Me and my monkey! Comparing who has the bigger belly...I won! ;)

Was a bit chilly the last couple weeks...had to pull out the sweatshirts again!

Oh so handsome!

All I need is a girl in my arm!

"One more picture mom...ONE MORE!"

Watching my doggies play!

I love to talk and smile with Dad!

Mom caught me mid-sentence. not exactly the model pose.  This is another one of my new hobbies!

The "New" Family Picture

Since it's always just me, my mom and my dad there is never someone to take our family photo! 

Yeah, I know...not so good.  This is what happens when there's no one to take our picture, hence the "new" family photo(s) below.

If we could just paste Daddy in!

Cool dudes!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

To celebrate my amazing mommy we went to church and then to Grandma and Grandpa Daly's for lunch! Grandma fixed an amazing Turkey Dinner and we relaxed the rest of the day! 

A little pre-lunch photoshoot

Daddy has a way of making me smile...

Mom says she wants us cheek to cheek to see if we look anything alike...not quite sure!

Grandma said all she wanted for "Grandma's Day" was me...that was easy!

I'm almost as big as these two! :) I'll probably pass them up soon like my dad did!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Photo Shoot With My Buddy Graysen

So, this is me and my buddy Graysen De Jonge.  He is 16 days younger than me and my best friend, pseudo-cousin, neighbor...the list could go on!  Our moms thought it would be fun to dress us up and take pictures of us...have a feeling this will be happening often!  This is our 3 month photo shoot...

A little solo action while "G" finished his bottle

We didn't know which one to look at...they were both snapping and making crazy noise!

They said to get cheek to easy do they think this is?

Mom, why the green pillow? We don't need color in the picture!

My buddy Graysen

Last one mom!!!!

Happy 3 Month Birthday to Me!

May 1st marked my 3 month birthday!!  Still growing big and strong. I've been up to a lot lately...

Me and my brother Shamus and my sister Haley

 Tummy time on the grass.  My favorite new place to hang out.

I love getting my picture taken!


I hope they don't keep these ears for next year!

So sleepy after church

Outside the Wigwam Resort


So, mom thinks I'm 6 months and put me in my jumper...I actually kind of liked it!

The Whole Family after Easter Church Service at CCV in AZ!