Monday, August 20, 2012

Rawhide Baseball

We had a fun night out at the Rawhide Baseball game! Despite the fact that it was SUPER hot, we had a blast.

Walking with Pop Pop to the game.

Watching the players warm up.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Aubrey's First Day of High School

It is a tradition that we see Aubrey on the first day of school EVERY year! This year was especially exciting because it's high school...HIGH SCHOOL!!

Looking beautiful!

Jack, more concerned with  the bird on the light post! :)

Chucky Cheese

Ally is my friend that I play with everyday with Aunt Kel while Mom and Dad work.  She turned 4 and had such a fun party at Chucky Cheese!

Not even 2 and already driving one-handed

I'm a workin' man!

At first Jack wasn't sure of doing the Chucky dance...

Then he started busting out the moves! :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

BIG BOY Hair cut!

Autie T gave Jack his first trim...and now she has given him his first BIG BOY hair cut!

The before...

Notice the red, blotchy red marks...yeah, Jack was not a fan of the loud trimmer!

Grand Finale!!!!

Such a big boy! He got a sucker! :)

Just like POP POP

One of Jack's favorite people is POP POP! We don't know if its the accent, the horsey that he has on all the shirts he wears, the odd Irish nursery ryhmes he shares, or the crazy noises he makes when telling stories, but one thing is for sure...Jack loves his POP POP!

"POP POP, I'll help you mow...PLEEEASE????"

"Ok, at least let me help you get it out of the trailor!"

Jack Loves Hummus

Jack has decided that everything is better with hummus! His momma loves carrots and hummus and one day he decided he needs to dip his crackers in hummus too! Ever since, anytime he sees hummus he freaks, then is one happy camper!

going in for the big dip...

almost there...


Monday, August 6, 2012

Morning Routine

One morning I looked around and couldn't find Jack. I looked outside and he is in a patio chair with his milk just enjoying the cool weather.  Each morning since, he has done this.  It is pretty precious.

loving the puffy eyes "just woke up" look!

Watching the dogs run entertaining! :)

Family Beach Trip

Monkey got lots of kisses on the drive over!

Everyone looks cooler with Aviators!
Nothing better than beach kisses!

Looking at star fish with Daddy in the little tide pools


First Hair Cut

Autie T gave me a nice little trim!

Favorite Car

Jack would sleep in here if we let him! 

Staying Cool

This little guy loved playing in the hose

So yummy!

Cutest cheeks EVER!

Baseball Season!

Jack LOVES baseball! He has always played with his baseballs and bats/golfclubs, but now he is really into it.  Watches the Astros games with Dad and wants to play all the time :)

Dad caught a foul ball at the game!

Warming up for the pitch at Giants Stadium

First Tee Ball set!

At his friends baseball game...he snuck on the field every chance he could!

Visiting Uncle BoBo, Aunt Alicia and Kensie this summer.  Fell in love with LouSeal

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Mom and Dad think I'm the cutest Leprechaun EVER!

Watching the big rain cloud come in!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cousin Time!

Kensie recently left for her second spring training! We tried to hang out as much as we could the couple days leading up to her Arizona trip.  We miss you (and your parents) already!!!

Best picture of Kensie, EVER! She was posing! REALLY posing!

I was a little distracted by Kensie's amazing pig-tails

My mom was making the craziest faces...didn't work, we didn't feel like smiling.

A little ride around the neighborhood!

Kensie loved Homer!

Bath time buddies! Haley wanted in on the action!

Giving Kens a ride on my bike!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday To Me!!

Decorations, cupcakes, pictures of me 1 to 12 was busy!

Mom let me check out the cupcakes before the party started!

This was the picture on the the Mickey ears mom!

Practicing my model pose!

I'm 1 today!!!

Mom and Dad and our Mickey shirts

Papa and Yaya with Kens and I!

Nana Chop Chop!

Party favors!

I let Kensie play with my long as she didn't get my cake!

Papa and Yaya gave me the coolest bike!

I got so many fun things!

G-man and I just talking about our matching Micky shirts!